64KB and smaller intros

updated: 2017.11.02


Demos are special computer programs. They are beautiful presentations made by talented people - programmers, graphics, musicians - just for fun. This is real electronic art. Size-limited demos are called intros, and there are some categories of them - we have intros in 64 kilobytes, 4 kilobytes, even in 256 bytes and less. It's wonderful that some people make very impressive effects in so tiny space.


My name is Pirx and I adore intros. I collect them - my assemblagel includes thousands of small productions (intros, games, cracktros, BBStros etc). You don't have to search for intros, download and unpack them one by one - you can get world-biggest set in one ZIP archive!


Get the ultimate intros collection and enjoy: hardcode.zip (638MB)
Downloads: 9215

Antivirus note: archive contains thousands of executable files, so it's recommended to disable antivirus software while downloading and unpacking. Most of antiviruses detects some threats in the package - these alerts are false, and they are caused by sophisticated compression methods applied for many intros.


Opinions, suggestions and help with completing collection are very welcome.



Main demoscene centers:

scene.org - the biggest demoarchive on the Web
pouet.net - your online demoscene resource; thousands of productions, thousands of comments
bitfellas.org - demoscene community and information portal
demozoo.org - demoscene productions, groups and parties

Nice stuff:

ind.untergrund.net - homepage of my demoscene group - IND
dosbox.com - an open source multi-platform DOS emulator; try to use DOSBox when DOS intros don't work under your modern operating system
truehumandesign.se - NFOPad is a program for viewing ASCII files (NFO, DIZ, TXT...) added to most of intros
java4k.com - 4KB games written in Java


Examples of fine intros from various size categories.

dirojed.png meanwhile.png
32B intro by Rrrola
64B intro by y0bi / wAMMA
oko.png tube.png
128B intro by Pirx & Tigrou / IND
256B intro by baze / 3SC
mirrors_within.png tracie.jpg
Mirrors Within
512B intro by Digimind
1KB intro by mentor / TBC
wet_julia.jpg addicted_to_code.jpg
wet julia
2KB intro by unic0rn / Asm Force
Addicted to Code
4KB intro by Khamoon / tube27
urge.jpg $1_drinks_bbs.png
8KB intro by Ramzai / t-REX
$1 Drinks BBS
16KB BBStro by Goblin / XTATiC
hoodlum_cracktro_#2.jpg memories_from_the_mcp.jpg
Hoodlum Cracktro #2
32KB cracktro by Hoodlum
Memories from the MCP
64KB intro by Brain Control

done by Pirx / IND - for your pleasure